Modern Art x Retail Space: Siam Center

Before Siam Center was renovated and relaunched as "The Ideapolis", it was already a "Legend". This mall, sandwiched in between Siam Discovery and Siam Paragon was where the young, hip, stylish and trendsetting Bangkokian would shop. When I came to Bangkok a few years ago, it was hard for me to believe that this was the "it-crowd's" shopping haven. Yes, it had famous foreign brand name stores which weren't found in Paragon or Central Words but it's interiors were bleh.

On its "rebirth" in early 2013, it really was - wait for it... legendary! It easily became my new favorite mall. If a modern art museum and a mall would have a child, this would be it. It's a feast for the eyes but also a feast for the senses. Everything is artsy fartsy, in a good way. From the entrance... 

To the shops...

...the escalators...

and even the ceiling! 

Since I'm really a foodie by heart, I love that this mall has 2 of my favorite restaurants from Thonglor which are Mr. Jones Orphanage and Audrey Cafe and my favorite restaurant from Siam Square which is Som Tam Nua. I also have the option of choosing from 2 eat all you can suki places. For those on a budget, "Food Republic", the malls food court is still a stylish alternative. This is the most "fashionable" mall I have been to.

  • unique finds from up-and-coming and established Thai designers - be ready with your credit cards!
  • try the blue pea flower drink sold in the food court
  • lots of comfy chairs you can sit on at the lower ground floor area
  • features different art installations/ exhibits from time to time, so there is always something new to look at

more lomofeel siam center photos on tumblr!

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