Digital Polaroid? Carbon One Mini Digital Camera

Back when I felt that going analog was 'expensive', I kept on searching for digital alternatives for my film cravings. Stumbling upon this little camera online, I thought it was the perfect 'digital polaroid'.

Carbon One Mini
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Mini Digi Tech Talk: What can I say, I love the Mini Digi more than the yashica. Tiny, handy and discreet, this digi lomo camera has in camera vignetting with two shooting modes. One mode gives your pics an 'instax mini like' boarder/ effect and one is the regular shooting mode. You can change between modes with a flick of a switch. It is powered by 2 AA batteries and photos are stored in a micro SD card. The Mini Digi can also be used as a web cam when connected to the PC via USB. This camera has no LCD screen. In its place is a 'toy like' view finder, which can be used to 'approximate' framing shots. This 'view finder' isn't accurate but I think that adds to the "fun" factor.

Mini Digi Adventures: Of course it's not a substitute for an instax mini but I think it's a sound digital alternative. You can directly connect the camera to a printer and without opening any software, the last stored image will be printed. Take note that the amount of vignetting depends on certain lighting conditions. 

The camera produces, sharp, iPhone camera like 'safe' photos in ideal settings ie lots of light, steady hands, non moving subjects. But it can also produce interesting, 'artsy' photos in 'tricky' situations such as low lighting, moving objects, moving photographer and shakey hands. You can checkout my tumblr photo dump, to get a better idea of what I'm talking about.

Due to it's small size, the Carbon One Mini Digital Camera is easy to whip in and whip out. It's awesome for ninja shots too, since I can carry it in one hand, discretely. Over all, digital Polaroid/instax it is not, especially with the onslaught of instax printers for mobile phones and polaroid's Zink system. Awesome, inexpensive digi lomo camera a with a Polaroid vibe? Oh yes, it is!

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