If You Want It Done Right, Do It Yourself : Film Negative Scanning

Back story...
The first time I used a diana mini, the photos I got were half exposed, half unexposed on a full frame. To make it worse, the lab I sent my photos to had a hard time scanning the negatives cause of it's "weird" format. When I got home to check the negatives, the scanner missed some of my favorite shots or only scanned a part of the shot I liked.

1 half frame good, 1 half frame bad


Been on a hiatus due to the holidays. Still posted regularly on instagram, tumblr and twitter.

These past few weeks were great! Spent time with loved ones which means I had lots of happy photo opportunities. Due to my growing camera collection, I was faced with a dilema, which I never thought would happen to me - ever! I had to decide which cameras to bring with me on these occasions.