Been on a hiatus due to the holidays. Still posted regularly on instagram, tumblr and twitter.

These past few weeks were great! Spent time with loved ones which means I had lots of happy photo opportunities. Due to my growing camera collection, I was faced with a dilema, which I never thought would happen to me - ever! I had to decide which cameras to bring with me on these occasions.

For some reason, I just had to bring my instax mini 8 with me ALWAYS. Since instax film is quite pricey (but soooo worth it!) I only use it to photograph my "favorite people", which I realized were the same people I keep taking instax photos of... hehehe. So I had to rethink my instax allocation strategy. Um... the instax also made my bag heavy. I usually stored it in a padded makeup case along with a close up/ selfie lens and an extra pack of film.

A few months ago my favorite camera to bring was the Carbon One Mini Digital Camera. It was like a digital polaroid. So maybe, that's why I liked it so much. My digilomo cameras, the Carbon One and the Yashica EZ, is where I got the name of my blog "Lomographic Feel". I really liked having a unique camera (aesthetically and technically) with in camera lomo effects, so I spend less time post processing and have more time to do other things. hehehe...

I felt a bit like a poser, with all of my blog pictures having an analog vibe but none of which are actually shot using a film camera. When the Holga and the Diana Mini I ordered, arrived I was so excited. I was finally a real follower of the analog movement!

I just love it when I bring my diana mini or holga in a sea of DSLR or CSC toting people. I just like being different. I'm not dissing people who love their DSLRs, I still want to get one for myself (I have a super zoom bridge cam though...) but my "hobby fund" is being siphoned to buy lomo stuff. I want to buy a DSLR or CSC so that I can fit the holga/diana lens for DSLR mounts or try out Lomography's experimental lens kit. (yup still lomo related).

That being said, the best camera you have is the one you always bring with you. I always have my cellphone with me, which means I still use it often. But I always try to bring at least 1 lomo cam with me where ever I go. The problem is choosing which one! Half frames really make me feel as if I have unlimited film! and since I'm still a lomo noob, more film means more practice for me!

More film posts for the months to come!

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