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I discovered Siam Discovery due to boredom... (wait don't leave this page just yet) I was looking for a new hangout place in the BTS Siam Area. So while I was walking from Paragon or Digital Gateway then to Siam Center then through Siam Center's Food court...

I saw this uber chic tunnel...

When I crossed it this is what greeted me. Propaganda's (a novelty store) mascot ... Ooooh interesting. I see lots of tourists and locals taking a pic with this big guy.

So I went around more and saw this... Reminds me of Bangkok Airways!

then I found "Loft"which I've been coming back to ever since. Loft is a multi slasher cause it is a school supplies/art supplies/craft supplies/electronic accessories/ladies accessories/toy camera/novelty/houseware store (whew! that's a mouthful) So it's a complete wasteland. I can easily spend HOURS here just looking at their various knickknacks.

Ain't that a cutie?

Aside from Loft I also come here for my "Lomography supplies" carried by the one and only Lomography Thailand. When I see their wonderful "camera installation" I immediately gravitate to their store even if I didn't plans to. See that wall? It's selfie time!

When you are on coming from the elevator (sorry I forgot which floor). I noticed a small-ish studio which was filming live. They have a TV outside showing that live feed that's why I knew I was live. Looking at the logo it was Channel V Thailand. Don't be surprised if you bump into a celebrity or two who are tailed by a dozen or more camera/gift totting fans. The picture below is the back wall of their office or studio. I have seen many a fangirl take a pic here with a thai celebrity.

Occasionally you might chance upon art installations or exhibits such as these...

Siam Discovery also houses Madam Tussauds and a skating rink.

For foodies, another reason to come here is for the Oishi Grand Buffet (about 700 baht). A bit pricey but I hear they say it's worth it. Personally I haven't tried it cause I ate at Kin Japanese buffet (4++ baht) in Siam Square  instead.

I say Siam Discovery is my little secret cause when I want to escape the hustle and bustle of Paragon or Siam Center I come here and stay at that little cafe across ChannelV (Actually that cafe isn't little cause it's like Thailand's answer to Starbucks) and drink TRUE's (yup that's the name of the cafe) Signature Iced Coffee.

TIP: if the crowd in Naraya gets crazy at the Central World branch you can get your Naraya fill here. The lines can get long too and they have less choices (smaller store) but the crowd is more manageable. Plus if your hubby or boyfriend is with you they can chill out at the cafe that is just outside the store.

Camera: Carbon One Mini Digital Camera and LG Optimus G Pro
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Siam Discovery Center
I can't find their official website. I'm posting the one from since it's the closest.
Take the BTS and get down from BTS National Stadium or Siam Station. If you are coming from National Stadium exit at the skywalk, walk past MBK and the Bangkok Art and Culture Center till you reach the stairs that leads to the Siam Discovery entrance. If you are coming from Siam Station take the exit between Siam Center and Digital Gateway. Enter Siam Center and walk till you reach the opposite end of the foodcourt walk past the restaurants until you reach "the tunnel".

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