City Hopping at Terminal 21: Rome and Tokyo

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When in Rome do as the Romans do and in this "little Rome" they take pictures with this lady. I think it's supposed to be Aphrodite. I'm not sure though. She's the fountain's center piece. 

I know Rome is known for its ancient statues but when I saw those three there. It look out of place maybe it's because they're under the Starbucks sign... hmmmm... I wonder if malls in Rome have statues like these? :p

After the Rome there is the Paris. Hmmmm... it seems I wasn't able to take any pictures form that floor... I did - just one cause I got distracted with H&M.

Up next is Tokyo and be greeted by good luck once you see the larger than life Maneki-Neko. In Japanese culture, this lucky cat is a talisman of good fortune.

I haven't been to Tokyo but the lights and sights on that level remind of the footage I see on the show "Oh, Tokyo!"

There are sumo wrestlers too! Where else can you find two almost naked men battling it out at the mall!?

There's a manequin sized Japanese doll too...

Just follow the lights if you are itching to shop. Don't expect to find "uniquely Japanese" finds here since these stores are mostly Thai "independent" stores. There are still lots of good finds though.

This game is so Kawaii! Too bad I wasn't able to play this game! I was so preoccupied taking pictures. I tried that drum thingy game once at another mall and it brought out the child in me.

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More of Terminal 21 on my next post.

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