That structure on BTS Chong Nonsi

I wonder if it has an official name. I always see it on TV but I don't what it's called or if it has an official name. I just I'll just call it "That Iconic Structure on BTS Chong Nonsi. I always see people taking pictures under here...

then they take more pictures of this

On a rainy day you have to be careful. It can get slippery...

If you have time it would be great to take picture of it and from it during the day and at night. I think it's just amazing... 

and horrifying - the infamous bangkok traffic I mean...

Now you might be thinking, "what? I'll get of my lazy ass just to get a picture of some BTS station!?". I have some suggestions to make your trip worthwhile:

1) Avoid the rush hours. BTS Chong Nonsi is located in the business district so expect a lot of office workers rushing to work or rushing to go home. The morning rush hour is fine but it's the after office hours that's crazy. Crazy that's the lines are long and there are so many people. It's still orderly just be prepared to cue up and wait in line. You'll eventually get in on a train.

2) Since you are in the area have brunch or lunch or dinner at Dean and Deluca, Mahanakhon. I emphasize Mahanakhon cause there's a smaller stall located in one of the office buildings. Go to the Mahanakhon flagship branch to get the complete Dean and Deluca experience. Just be prepared to shell out a couple 100 bahts but it's absolutely worth it.

3) Hungry? Thirsty? but on a budget you'll have a lot of yummy options on and below and skywalk.
  • Drink milktea or any chai yen concoction from Kamu or Ochaya
  • Have yummy thai iced coffee from the numerous iced coffee stalls
  • Eat fries with milktea at McDonalds (yup McThai serves their own milk te
  • Food courts in office buildings (if they have one)
  • Numerous street foods stalls 
4)Bring your camera gear and props and have a mini photo-shoot. You'll be one of the many... Again avoid the rush hour. 

5) BTS Chong Nonsi connects to the BRT. It's 10 baht for a one way trip regardless of the distance. Ummm you aren't going to see much on that line but if you are looking for something to do for 20 baht (round trip) then I guess that's a steal.

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