City Hopping at Terminal 21: TaoKaeNoi Land and the Carribean

I'll be honest. I used to go to Terminal 21 only to food trip. I think they have one of the best food courts in Bangkok, in terms of choice, taste and price. Based on my food court "expeditions" the prices at Pier 21 (that's how they call their food court) is the same as prices of the food stalls on the streets. When I got into digital toy cameras, I started to realize that Terminal 21 is a photo-enthusiast's quick fix for a photo walk.

This mall has 9 floors and has a different city as a motiff per floor, except for the 4th and 5th floor which both has San Francisco for its theme. It isn't surprising that Terminal 21 looks like an airport. It has one really long escalator that skips other floors and takes you directly to one of the upper floors.

Going to another "city" is just an escalator or elevator ride away. 

The lower ground floor has the Caribbean for it's theme. This floor houses a grocery, a pharmacy and some foodstalls. The most "photo-op-able thing" there is the light house which you can see from several floors up.

The best thing about this floor is Taokaenoi LAND. You can buy Taokaenoi's entire product line here. This my go to place for my crispy seaweed fix. Yes, you can buy Taokaenoi from groceries and convenience but nothing beats the ambiance (and complete product line and new products) of this place. This is seaweed HEAVEN! 

I'm a sucker for food on a conveyor belt, such as sushi and SEAWEED! It's moving!

Oh you can't buy these cuties at the grocery...

(Rome and Tokyo on my next post)

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