From GAS to Cheap Film Hoarder: Believing in Film

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I had really no intentions of blogging. I had a disdain for all forms of social media, from Facebook (especially Facebook) to Pinterest. But what was I going to to with all my photos? How will I share my travel adventures? At that time, I also needed an outlet - something healthier that didn't involve consuming calories. For a couple of weeks I had 2 digital toy cameras as my travel buddies.  I also had a bunch of "bleh" travel photos which could be "nice" if I used filters. I loved the 'lomo effect' but wasn't officially a 'lomographer' yet. I just wanted a place where I could dump my photos so "LomographicFeel" on tumblr came to be.

Eventually, the novelty of digital photos that were made to look retro, wore off. With me being too lazy to start building those 2 DIY camera kits, my mind started to wonder and ended up on Amazon! A brand new Holga from that merchant was still a bit cheaper than a second hand Holga from my trusted camera guy. I also came across a deal for a Diana Mini with flash. I just to wait for several weeks till "Santa Clause" could bring it in for me.

Excited to use the Holga accessories which  I hoarded, almost a year before I got the actual camera, I loaded the 35mm film back and started shooting. It was a bit awkward at first, but that awkwardness was replaced with FUN, FUN, FUN!  Had the film developed a few weeks later and I was hooked! This was followed by a disappointing roll with a Diana Mini, but I decided to give the camera a second chance anyway. 

After being "trigger happy", I was left with 1 roll of film. I was pretty sure I'd find cheap, non-lomography branded film at the mall but all the photo labs I went to were out of stock. I panicked! I couldn't find film that I could afford but eventually settled with a super overpriced ISO 200 Kodak Gold. After that experience, I was always on the look out for cheap film.

It's not just the whole "shooting with film ritual" that I was enamored with. As an aside, it really feels like a ritual. There are so many steps before you get a photo. Buy. Shoot. Load. Click. Unload. Develop. Scan. Print or Upload. Back to the main topic - Film has a very unique characteristic. The images it produces has a different feel from those produced by digital sensors. The 'look' of film may be recreated by using filters and spending a lot of time on photo editing apps. However, no amount of digital photo manipulation can give you the experience; the feeling that comes with the ritual of shooting analog and this is the biggest reason why I believe in film. 


I'm not a film purist, nor do I shun digital photography. I use the former for convenience, so I don't have to waste so much time using filters and the later for reliability, with the other plastic cameras I have sometimes it feels like I'm playing Russian roulette.

I'm not going to get into a debate whether lomography is or isn't good for film photography (I can give you a link to a sensible editorial for that). I like lomo cause it's fun.


I take photos because hearing the shutter sound makes me happy. I also take photos out of posterity. If you are looking for art, I will gladly give you the links to amazing film photography blogs (some can be found in my blogroll).

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