Let's Play Songkran Without Getting Drenched: Happy Thai New Year!

For the uninitiated, Songkran is the Thai New Year. It's a long holiday, so most the cityfolk take advantage of this time to travel outside Bangkok while tourists on the the other hand join in on the festivities by participating in 'water fights'.

Speaking of those 'water fights', I avoid them like a plague, not because I have aquaphobia but mainly because I don't like seeing a 'wet tshirt contest', unfold before my very eyes. Not all Songkran water fights are like that, in fact those (wet tshirt type) of activities are frowned upon.  After all, Songkran water festival is all about 'cleansing' and 'rejuvenating'. 

Back to the 'water fights'... Wholesome, teenybopper, family friendly Songkran water fights, those that bring back happy childhood memories, those that make you feel like a kid again - are awesome! For that, go to Siam Square or Central World. That's where the local teeners go, which isn't surprise since Siam Square is the hangout for university kids. Inviting as that may sound, I'd still like to avoid the 'going home-post water fight-dripping wet-taking public transpo-scenario'. Here's how...

Hangout in a coffee shop in the middle of Songkran 'hot spots'. 

Sit by the glass walls and enjoy the ambiance.

Spot the cutest water guns/backpacks.

Lady Bug...

Minnie but no Mickey...

Marvin The Martian and many more...

If you are planning to go to ground zero have a water proof camera or water proof your camera. I placed the Bonzart Lit in a ziplock bag, so the pictures came out really soft and blurry.

Survey the scene from above.

Most importantly, don't be a Scrooge! In spite of taking all the necessary 'waterproofing' precautions and you still get wet, just smile and enjoy! Happy Songkran!

more Songkran photos on tumblr!

This is a 'better late than never' post. I started writing this since May and finished it just today. This year Songkran was celebrated from April 13-April15.

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